Spark Horizons To Sponsor a Young Girls For Summer Charm School

Spark Horizons is sponsoring youth for the Charm School by Silent Threat and is currently collaborating to do more. Silent Threat is a dance studio located in St. Louis, Missouri and provides inner city young girls a guide to success by building their confidence and teaching them the skills they need to shine anywhere life takes them.

In 2016, Spark Horizons sponsored two young girls who were in danger of not being able to perform without proper uniform attire.

Response from the Silent Threat to Spark Horizons:

Thank you for sponsorship of uniforms. These two sisters are in foster care and was not able to perform due to not being able to afford uniforms. A donation from Spark Horizon allowed them to compete.

Thank You,
Silent Threat STL


Our camp was in danger of closing due to extreme heat and not having proper air conditioning.

I reached out to Spark Horizon for assistance. Thanks to their donation we were able to continue program. Parents were thrilled and the girls enjoyed themselves. Feedback from camp, the parents stated, they noticed a change in grades, attitude, dress, and mannerisms.

Thank You,
LaToya Smith
Silent Threat

The Camp is interactive and fun. Weekly field trips. Your donation can sponsor a girl for $100 to attend camp for a week.

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